After Eight Months, Apple Restores BlueMail to the Mac App Store

Open Letter to Tim Cook
Our company’s future is in jeopardy

A Call for Unity Against the Biggest Tech Company

If Apple has kicked you out of its App Store, used its developer guidelines to control your innovation, hijacked your store ranking, or (let’s be honest with each other) lied to you while it steals your technology, it’s time to talk.

Shifting Explanations

Rerouted to teams that didn’t respond for weeks, told outright that our app doesn’t run on macOS Catalina when we can prove it does, and given contradictory guidance from different teams within Apple, we found ourselves back at square one. BlueMail for Mac was live until June 2019.

App Store Search Manipulation

The problems outlined in Blix v. Apple complaint show that Apple has, at nearly every step, stacked the deck against competitors that offer quality alternatives to Apple’s default apps. In short, Apple has crippled true competition for its default apps through a “thousand different cuts”.

Apple’s Default Apps

In 2007, the iPhone had 17 pre-installed apps.  Today, there are 38.  And since the App Store launched in 2008, Apple has never let consumers set a third-party app as a default option for certain functions—unlike on Android or Windows, where third-party defaults are permitted.